4 Tips to consider when shopping a car air freshener

Air fresheners have been around for ages and come with a variety of brands, chemicals, and working mechanisms to choose from. It’s easy to get lost in the features when shopping for an appropriate odor-eliminating tool; here are four things to consider before concluding your purchase.

Type of air freshener

There are a variety of types of air fresheners on the market from the traditional aerosol air freshener to activated charcoal air fresheners, to essential oil diffusers all capable of removing odors and odor-causing agents. 

Each of these types uses a special technique of getting rid of odor, from masking scents to trapping odor-causing particles, to releasing negative ions. The type you choose should is ultimately determined by your needs and intended use case for the best results.

Scented vs. Fragrance-free

Most of the best car air fresheners come with a scent or variety of fragrances to choose from or have no fragrance. If you’ve got breathing sensitivities or conditions such as asthma, then you’d be better suited to the fragrant free as some of these scents can be overwhelming. 


Of course, the first and foremost reason you want an air freshener is to banish the nasty combination of sells that’s wreaking from your car. Perhaps, you want to retain that new car smell or are looking for a fragrance that matches your style and complements your vehicle.

Whichever the case, the best car air freshener needs to do its job of eliminating odor and give you a clean and refreshing scent makeover, or it may as well be an ornamental car accessory. 

Easy to use

No matter how minimalistic or futuristic your air freshener may look, feel or smell, it won’t do you any good if you can’t use it. Opening it, or using it, or disposing it, or refilling it or any other processes involved with your air freshener shouldn’t be rocket science. 

From the incredibly musky fresh leather scent of Chemicals Guys’ air freshener to KubeScent’s fun and playful maraschino cherry fragrance; there are a lot of options when it comes to air fresheners. Finding the right one shouldn’t be too hard with our best car air fresheners’ list. 

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