Paul Walker Spec’d And Driven R34 Nissan GT-R From Fast & Furious Goes To Auction

A customized R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R that was used in the movie “Fast & Furious” and features parts specifically requested by the late Paul Walker is set to go up for auction. The car was also driven by Walker in the film. Now, after many years as a static display piece, the iconic GT-R is being offered for sale to the public.

We’ve seen other Nissan R34 GT-Rs go up for sale and we’ve even covered ones that Walker himself owned. To be clear, it doesn’t seem as though he personally owned this particular car. Instead, he had it specified with modifications that are perfect for the Fast franchise before it appeared in the fourth film titled “Fast & Furious”.

Those mods include a Turbonetics front-mount intercooler, a NISMO NE-1 exhaust, and a Rotora brake conversion. While we don’t have a dyno sheet to prove it, Bonhams says that the car makes 550 hp (410 kW). We’d call that healthy. It also has a large dashboard monitor, custom OMP racing seats, and a Sony head unit.

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This particular Skyline features a bit more to its history than just its time as a Hollywood starlet. Once filming was complete, the US government actually impounded the car. Evidently, officials took issue with the manner in which the importer, Kaizo Industries, got the vehicle into the country. Kaizo had imported the car as a shell and then married it with an RB26 engine and called the whole thing a “kit car.”

After what Bonhams says was a “lengthy legal battle”, the car avoided the crusher and ended up being exported to Germany. It remained there as a static display piece until this auction which the owner has been planning for some time. Bonhams suggests that whoever buys it give it a good once over before doing any serious driving with it.

The auction takes place between April 28th and May 5th in Brussels. Notably, only those who have gone through Bonhams‘ enhanced bid verification program can take part. The auction house doesn’t feature a listed guidance price on the Skyline. We imagine it’ll start above six figures. Where it ends up is anybody’s guess.