8 Best TPMS Tools in 2020 – Review & Buyers Guide

8 Best TPMS Tools in 2020 – Review & Buyers Guide

Maintaining the right tire pressure is crucial if you want to avoid potential road accidents.

In addition, it boosts your fuel economy. Modern vehicles have sensors in the wheels that inform the driver whenever any of the tires are deflated. This is captured by the PCM and displayed on your dashboard.

No need to worry if your car lacks some of these modern gadgets, a good TPMS tool will do. It is paramount that all your vehicle tires are inflated with the same pressure rate to ensure uneven wearing out of the tires.

The Best TPMS Relearn Tools 2020

1. Autel TS401 MaxiTPMS Tool – Best Value

This is a user-friendly TPMS tool that helps you identify faulty sensors with ease. It comes with an intuitive graphical display that offers instructions on how to operate. This makes it hard to get lost while operating the tool. In the display, you will be asked information about the car’s model year, and make. This information will then be used in triggering sensors in each wheel. When you press the signal/to activate button, you will be able to get information concerning the battery level, sensor ID, tire pressure and temperature.

Autel has

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10 Best Battery Maintainers [Review & Buyers Guide]

If you have that classic car that you only drive during weekends or special occasions, then you are familiar with a battery that has lost its charge.

The battery runs most of the electrical components in the car. However, it needs to be recharged by the alternator – which only happens when you are driving it. If your battery sits idles for a long time then there is a probability that your car will have trouble starting.

Enter battery maintainers. These allow you to keep your batteries charged while preventing overcharging. You can store your battery without worry that it will lose its power. Many people are not familiar with battery maintainers.

This is the reason we have carefully reviewed various products in the market. Here is the list of the best battery maintainers.

The Best Battery Maintainers 2020

1. CTEK 56-864 MUS4.3 – Best Value Maintainer

The battery maintainer comes with a small LED screen that informs you of the battery charging status. It is also made to resist various weather conditions and this makes it ideal for use outside. Some of the safety features used include protection from short circuits, sparks, and reversed polarity.

The CTEK maintainer offers

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10 Best Double DIN Head Units [Review & Guide 2020]

Smartphones have advanced beyond phone calls and messages to GPS devices and entertainment systems. However, it is challenging driving your car while at the same time scrolling your phone.

Here is where double din head units come in. Instead of traditional knobs for volume control and radio frequency, you now have an easy-to-use touchscreen. This unit combines both functionality and modern connectivity tools like Bluetooth and satellite navigation.

Planning on upgrading your car’s entertainment system? Look no further than our comprehensive buying guide of the best double din head units in the market.

10 Best Double Din Head Units

1. Boss Audio System BVCP9675A

Some of the double din head units in the market will come with their own pre-bundled software. But, Boss decided to go with Apple CarPlay. This means that the unit easily syncs with your iPhone. In this regard, you have many options when it comes to apps. The downside is that there is little you can do with your Android phone.

Once you have synced your phone, you can play music and watch videos from the head unit. It also comes with an AM/FM receiver that allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations. The

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The Best Radar Detectors [Reviews & Guide 2020]

Though speeding is prohibited, sometimes drivers find themselves going past the set limits. Traffic police officers are on the lookout for drivers that over-speed and getting caught can make you get a speeding ticket.

Tickets raise a lot of money as revenue from your pocket since you have to pay a fine for speeding. You should, therefore, look for ways to minimize the chances of getting a ticket.

You can do this through safe driving and obeying the set speed limits. Using a radar detector can also give you protection and prevent you from over speeding as you drive. This is a device used in cars which functions like a dash camera or portable GPS.

It utilizes speed detection hardware to give you a warning of police near you.  Law enforcers use radar guns to gauge the speed of a driver from a distance. These radar guns operate on specific radio waves which can be picked by a radar detector. Using a radar detector can, therefore, inform you of the presence of such radio waves according to the proximity.

Choosing the right radar detector can be hard since there are a lot of options out there. We are here to

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The Best Tire Shine [Review & Guide 2020]

You have invested a lot of money on your car. Many people will give the exterior some good polishing and waxing but forget the wheels. Faded tires make your car look old. 

Instead of replacing your tires every time they lose their shine, you can apply some tire shine and restore their look. Tire shines are affordable and easy to apply. It can be confusing selecting the right product if you have never used one before.

This guide will save you hours of research just to find the best tire shine.

The Best Tire Shine

1. Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Shine

With UV Protection

Meguiar’s has been a top-rated brand when it comes to car cleaning products. You will find them with the best waxing and polishing compounds. The tire shine is popular amongst car enthusiasts. Meguiar’s tire shine comes as a gel – which many find hard to apply when compared to sprays. Since there are application tools, you will need to purchase this separately.

The tire shine will restore your tires to the way they looked during purchase. In addition, your tires are protected from UV light and grime, while the water-resistant properties in the shine protect your

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