Project Binky Gets An Engine Rebuild: Better Parts For More Boost!

Project Binky is at the bodyshop getting pretty, which is weird to say by the way, but while the bodyshop is slinging Bondo there is still plenty to do to get it ready to put back together. Before it went to the body shop all the components, wiring, suspension, and everything that could be removed, was. And now each system or component is being removed and rebuilt as needed. The last update had the guys doing cad plating, painting, and rebuilding of all the driveline components, and this time its all about horsepower. Yep, the turbocharged engine in this little bastard is getting some love and is being buttoned up so they can install it and make the noise. Well not that noise, but some noise. (Inside joke for Project Binky regulars.)

Honestly, I’m a little worried that the guys will get Binky together and start playing with it and forget all about showing us the finished project, mostly because that is something I could see myself doing. I would be seriously disappointed though because I’ve been personally following this project since it started and I just love it. In fact, this project has been so inspirational to me. I hope to be able to use a bunch of what I’ve seen them do on future projects of my own.

But enough of that, here is the latest update!