You have invested a lot of money on your car. Many people will give the exterior some good polishing and waxing but forget the wheels. Faded tires make your car look old. 

Instead of replacing your tires every time they lose their shine, you can apply some tire shine and restore their look. Tire shines are affordable and easy to apply. It can be confusing selecting the right product if you have never used one before.

This guide will save you hours of research just to find the best tire shine.

The Best Tire Shine

1. Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Shine

With UV Protection

Meguiar’s has been a top-rated brand when it comes to car cleaning products. You will find them with the best waxing and polishing compounds. The tire shine is popular amongst car enthusiasts. Meguiar’s tire shine comes as a gel – which many find hard to apply when compared to sprays. Since there are application tools, you will need to purchase this separately.

The tire shine will restore your tires to the way they looked during purchase. In addition, your tires are protected from UV light and grime, while the water-resistant properties in the shine protect your tires from premature wearing out.

Key Features

  • Advanced polymers keep the tires black
  • Protection from UV light
  • Available as a gel which eliminates the mess of overspray


  • Offers dark high black gloss
  • Long-lasting application
  • Prevents browning of tires

2. Car Guys Tire Shine Spray

With Environmentally Safe Chemicals

The spray stands out due to its patented polymer addictive formulation. This extends the life of your tires without the chemicals damaging them. The solution not only gives your tire shine but it can also be used for your vinyl parts of your car like the dashboard. Car guys shine binds well with your tires for a long term effect.

The tire shine spray comes with a microfiber applicator which use to determine the kind of shine you want on your tires. You can also use the applicator on wheel wells.  Car guys while a remarkable spray is not water-resistant meaning it will wash off with time. The product is made from environmentally friendly chemicals meaning you do not need to worry when it runs off the drain.

Key Features

  • Comes with easy to use micro-applicator
  • Patented Nano polymer additive enhances the longevity of the product
  • Made from environmentally safe chemicals


  • Easy to use
  • Can use the shine for your vinyl or plastic car parts
  • Chemicals used are safe on the tires and environment

3. TriNove Tire Shine Spray

Adjustable Nozzle

This product will protect your tires from dullness and fading. You will notice visible results after applying one coat which is also long-lasting. TriNove spray not only makes your tires shine but it is also effective in removing dirt, salt, and grime on the tires.

Since the application is through a spray you can determine the depth of the shine –medium or light. The more you apply the deeper the coat. You should also keep it on without wiping. For the best results hold the spray closer to the car. This prevents wastage through overspray.

Key Features

  • A Single coat will protect the car’s tires from yellowing
  • Repels grime and dirt
  • Can apply desired coat – medium or light


  • Prevents fading and yellowing
  • One spray lasts long
  • Adjustable nozzle for the desired effect

4. DUB U1319 Tire Shine

Long-Lasting Shine

If you want your tires to really stand out then the DUB U1319 allows you to give them a glossy finish. The tire shine comes as a spray with an adjustable reversible nozzle. This has the benefit of allowing you to regulate the amount of spray going to the car. The reversible nozzle can produce a narrow jet or wide one depending on how you use it.

Many people who purchase tire shine sprays are not bothered about the tire smell. DUB U13119 takes this a notch higher by including an orange smell to the shine. This means you not only have tires that look good but also smell nice. The shine lasts long and you only need to apply once for the glossy finish. It dries well without leaving any oily residues.

Key Features

  • Produces a great orange scent
  • Manufactured by Meguiar’s
  • The adjustable nozzle helps regulate the spray


  • Produces glossy shine
  • Quick and easy application
  • Long-lasting shine

5. Chemical Guys Silk Shine Spray

Shines that come with a spray are easy to apply and allow you to adjust the amount of liquid coming out from the nozzle. This is a new entrant into the market by Chemical Guys that has seen increasing adoption. The shine offers a more natural look as opposed to the shiny and glossy products popular in the market.

The shine offers good value for money because you can use it on your tires and car’s interior made from plastic or vinyl. You are also assured of tire protection from UV rays and it is resistant to water. This is the ideal product for those seeking a satin black finish.

Key Features

  • The solution can be used on plastics, rubber, and vinyl
  • Ultra refined weather trek solution protects tires from fading
  • The non-greasy solution gives tires wet look


  • Durable shine
  • Protection of tires from UV light
  • Quick and easy application

6. Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel

No Messy Overspray

This product comes as a gel and is recommended to those people seeking a more subdued look with their tires instead of a glossy finish. The gel is affordable while offering superb protection against UV rays, grime, and dirt.

The gel will keep your tires from yellowing and fading. It is easy to apply and you do not experience any mess caused by overspray. Once applied the shine will remain on your tires for weeks. The shine has been created through an advanced formula that produces amazing results with just one shine. It has also been fortified with high molecular-weight silicone. This gives your tires an intense black look.

Key Features

  • Shine is fortified advanced formula for that intense black look
  • Solution lasts for several weeks without the need for the second application
  • No messy overspray


  • Durable shine
  • Fortified with molecular silicon for the rich black look
  • Protects tires from cracking and fading

7. Black Magic 800002220 Tire Wet foam

One-step application

The product is multifunctional in that it cleans, polishes, and shines your tires. Made from a unique foam formula the solution will absorb grime and dirt while leaving your tires with a glossy finish. Unlike typical gel products that take your hours to apply, with this aerosol you should be done within 10 minutes. To achieve the best results ensure that the tire surface is cleaned off the dirt.

Black magic shine does not leave any white powder residue after application. The solution will attach to the tire surface while dissolving any dirt and brake dust. The solution will remain glued to your tires for the next 2 weeks. When applying the foam hold the aerosol 6 inches from the tires. The foam will start reacting immediately and it will take less than 10 minutes to dry. A single can will be used to shine, clean, and protect up to 36 tires.

Key Features

  • One-step application
  • Advanced formula foam leaves your tires super shiny
  • Does not leave any white powder


  • Lasts for up to 2 weeks
  • Leaves a wet shine
  • Easy to control spray

8. Aero Cosmetics Tire dressing

Not all car owners like the glossy finish. If you are like them, you can go for the matte or satin finish. The Aero cosmetics tire dressing will give this look. What makes this product exceptional is the fact that it was initially intended for use on airplane tires. In fact, the product has passed stringent product specifications by Boeing. This means your car tires are getting shine from time tested product that is known for producing remarkable results. Many people avoid the wet look as it is known for attracting dirt.

Key Features

  • Product recommended for getting that matte/satin finish
  • Made from high-quality tire airplane ingredients
  • Meets Boeing specifications


  • Offers satin/matte finish
  • Used on aircraft surfaces, cars, and trucks
  • Restores rubber and plastics

9. Autoglym Instant Tire Dressing

This is a product for those not seeking an artificial glossy finish common with most products in the market. Autoglym instant tire dressing provides a more natural finish but it is pricier than other products in the market. The application is through the spray can. It produces a white foam in which one leaves on the tire surface for the next 30 seconds. After that, you will notice that your tires have acquired a satin black finish.

The Autoglym tire dressing is made from polymer silicone protectants and this contributes to its durability.

Key Features

  • Made from polymer silicone protectants
  • Gives tires a natural finish
  • Can be used on a variety of tires


  • Long-lasting shine
  • Easy to apply
  • Satin/matte finish

10. Adam’s Polishes Tire Shine

This product produces a wet and non-greasy shine due to the limited amount of silicone in it. If you want to enhance the wetness on your tires, you simply apply another layer. Due to the long-lasting formula in the product, it is recommended that you use an applicator for the best results. The solution also offers a sweet-smelling banana flavor. The spray comes with an easy to use a nozzle that lets you vary the amount of liquid coming out of the nozzle.

The Adam’s tire shine offers you’re a dark, lustrous shine that is not too glossy. Depending on the type of results you are seeking you can apply several layers to give you that perfect look that you seek.

Key Features

  • Made from slimy silicone
  • Recommended for large tread blocks
  • Works well with applicator


  • Offers dark shine that is not glossy
  • Ease of application
  • Long-lasting shine

What factors should you consider when purchasing the best tire shine?

Tire shines are made from a variety of materials, each being marketed to produce the best results. Some are applied as gels while others come as a spray with adjustable nozzles. When looking for the best tire shine product do not just look at the price but consider some of the factors mentioned below.

Types of shine materials

Water-based: Water-based materials are made from natural oils with the polymers suspended in water. This means the shine is environmentally friendly and you do not need to worry about draining it. The water-based shines are gentler on the tires but they come with the drawback of losing their shine faster. This means when compared with the solvent shines, you need to apply them more frequently. They also do not produce an intense finish, making them suitable for those looking at a more subtle finish.

Solvent-based: Unlike the water-based solutions where the polymers are suspended in water in this case the ingredients are suspended in solvents. The solvent-based shines will have more abrasives – though they do not cause any harm to the tires unless you apply them too much. Due to their qualities of bonding more with the tires, the solvent-based solutions offer a more intense and long-lasting look. Your tires will look almost brand new.

Types of Application

Gel Shines: This takes time to apply as you need to directly apply. However, gel-based solutions are cheaper while giving you a long-lasting effect. The hands-on approach to the application may put off some people from purchasing as they can leave a mess.

Spray shines: If you want to regulate the amount of shine on your tires, then go with the spray based shines. These come with an adjustable nozzle. They help prevent over-application of the solution on one side of the tire. However, the spray shines are more expensive than the gels.

UV Protection

Long term exposure of the tires to UV light causes fading and yellowing. A good tire shine should protect your tires from this. Some products are designed to offer more protection from UV than others and you need to consider this when purchasing a tire shine. This is important when you leave in a sunny area.

Ease of Application

The product that you choose to purchase should be easy to apply. Gels while cheaper require a more hands-on application, unlike the sprays. The sprays allow you to regulate the amount of liquid but they tend to be more expensive.

Shiny finish

The type of finish that you get will depend on how long the solution stays on the tires. There some solutions that require multiple applications before you can see the shine while some keep the shine for a few weeks before the next application.

Purpose of tire shine

People will purchase the tire shines for a variety of reasons. There are those who will purchase the product to get a shiny look while others will be seeking a more satin or matte finish. Some products will leave your tires with a more subtle look while others will make your tires stand out. You need to put all these into consideration when purchasing a tire shine.

Old tires interfere with your car’s image. The car looks older than it actually is. This can pose problems when you are trying to resell your car. The purpose of using tire shine is to restore the tires to the way they were when you bought them. The shines help restore this look while protecting your tires from UV light, grime, and dirt. Regular tire shine application also extends the lifespan of the tires.


It is imperative that you consider how much you are going to spend on a shine. Prices range from as low as $5 to a high of over $50. As stated earlier the gels tend to be cheaper than the sprays but have the drawback of being tiring when applying. The top brands in the market for tire shine include Meguiar’s, Chemical Guys, and Car Guys. Most of the shines in the $5 to $10 price change often have bottles of less than 16 ounces. If you want something that offers regular shine then look for bottles over 64 ounces. This often costs $20 to $60.

Microfiber applicator

You should go for tire shines that offer microfiber applicators. This is what you use to rub the shine on your tires. The applicator ensures that you have a more even shine. Most of the shines in the market have their own specially created microfiber applicator but if yours does not have you will need to purchase one.

Tire shine application

The best part about these products is that you will find an instruction manual with each product. This will guide you on how to apply the product if it is your first time. However, there some rules that you need to follow if you are to get a more refined finish. Firstly, do not apply the finish to hot tires. This will interfere with how the solution bonds to the tire surface. Instead, wait for the tires to cool down before application. Secondly, park the car in a shaded area after application as the sunlight will interfere with the product drying. You should give your tires a good scrap before applying the tire shine. Avoid applying the solution when it is raining as it will be washed away.


Are car tire shine products good for your tires?

If you desire to restore your tires to the way they looked when you purchased them, then you need to consider tire shine products. You can use some of the products for your tires as well as the plastic and vinyl parts of your car. However, try to avoid petroleum-based products as they will interfere with your tires. These products are often stored in an aerosol can and the chemicals used to keep them the solution is placed can react with your tires.

Are there household products you can use as tire shines?

There are some household items that are known to restore your tires and give them that glossy shine. Products like olive, lemon, castor, baby oil or brake fluid are commonly used. If you want to nourish your tires, we would recommend going with castor oil or lemon juice.

How long does it take for car tire shine to dry?

This will depend on the product and whether it is a gel or spray. When applying tire shine ensure that you make the application in a shady area. First, give your tires a good scrap. Wait for the tires to completely dry before applying the shine. Most of the tire shine products take 30 to 45 minutes to dry. The number of coats that you apply will depend on the desired effect.

How do I restore my worn-out tires?

Firstly, clean all your tires with water and soap. This is to remove any debris and dust around the tires. Apply the tire gel/spray around the tires. The tire shine is meant to protect your tires from fading and yellowing. Most of the tire shine have chemical compounds meant to protect the tires from UV light. You can add another layer of gel depending on the type of shine you desire.

How can I soften my tires?

If you are planning on going for a race, you could be wondering how to make your tires soft. One of the most commonly used product for this is kerosene. However, do this a few days before your race.

How do tires get hard?

Tires are made from rubber. When you drive, the rubber expands due to the friction being caused by the rubber and road. With time the rubber will lose its elasticity and become hard. It is recommended that you not drive with the same tires for more than six months.


Searching for the right tire shine is not easy. There those who want their tires to have a glossy shine while others would prefer a matte finish. We have reviewed some of the top brands in the market and we have a winner – TriNove Tire Shine Spray. This spray is easy to use and you should see visible results after just one application.


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