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How to Boost Your Google Maps Marketing Campaign

Ever noticed how search results appear differently when you Google something? Now you’ll like see Google Maps on top of the usual results. If you have a small business, Google Maps marketing can bring you great benefits, and when you talk about Google Maps marketing, it all comes down to your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Here are the top five ways of boosting your Google Maps visibility through an optimized GMB listing:

Add your exact address.

This is the most crucial part of Google Maps marketing. Add a detailed business address on your GMB instead of broad city names or cross-streets.

Omit anything that is not related to your physical address, such as your URL or a keyword, and pin your business location right on the map if the system couldn’t locate your address.

After your complete and exact address, it’s time to add service area. For instance, if you are in the food industry, do you actually serve food at your location or just take orders for delivery? This must be clear. And don’t forget to fill in your business hours, categories, and especially your phone number/s and web address.

Optimize your GMB introduction.

Your GMB intro will tell Google whether your business is relevant to the search query.

To make an effective intro, avoid cramming it with keywords. But you have to mention what makes you unique from your competitors, as well as why you ventured into this business. Answer every question that you think potential customers will have. And always write according to the tone and language that fits your intended audience.

Get your GMB listing verified.

Don’t stop at dding your details on GMB or updating your intro; you still need to get verified for your listing. If you don’t, there’s no way you’ll get a high rank on Google Maps.

Google verifies businesses using various methods, such as by email, phone or postcard.

Ask for reviews from your customers.

Reviews help your Google Maps marketing efforts by helping establish credibility and authenticity for your business. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews though. Don’t just ignore them; address them directly instead, following Google’s guidelines. Show your customers that while you’re not perfect, you will continue to work with them to satisfy their needs.

Make local citations.

A local citation is simply an online mention of your business in your local media. Finally, because local citations make you more relevant and prominent on Google, they can also drive up your Google Maps ranking. Local directories, local blogs and Yelp are some of the places where you can look for local citations.

The Art of Mastering Marketing

The Art of Mastering Marketing