2020 has been a busy year for Bugatti. It unveiled the Pur Sport variant of the Chiron, it began building the Divo, and it dusted off some of the fascinating prototypes it canceled in the 2010s. It has at least one more surprise up its sleeve, and it published a dark, perplexing preview image to give enthusiasts an early look at the model.

Bugatti captioned the sketch “what if…?,” which suggests we’re looking at a model that’s markedly different than the other cars in its range. We can’t imagine the French company would invite us simply to imagine what a Chiron with black wheels and gold brake calipers would look like. We’re intrigued by the shape of what looks like the rear lights: they form an X, and they don’t match the light signature worn by Bugatti’s other models. We’ve seen the X theme on the aforementioned Pur Sport, though the four strips of LEDs are also reminiscent of something you’d spot in outer space. It’s a very spaceship-like look that could hint at the brand’s next design language.

X marks the spot where what we know about Bugatti’s next car ends, and speculation begins. Working extra-long hours, the rumor mill recently brought us murmurings of an electric car possibly fitted with four seats. Could we be looking at it? Alternatively, some reports claim more Chiron variants are in the pipeline, and this might be one of them. What’s certain is that, whatever we’re looking at, it’s not an SUV; Bugatti stressed it won’t build one. Finally, it’s too early to tell whether the model is related to unverified claims that Rimac is preparing to buy the firm.

Bugatti will introduce the model online in the not-too-distant future.

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