Ford to Unveil 2021 Bronco, Smaller Bronco Sport SUV in March and April

Ford to Unveil 2021 Bronco, Smaller Bronco Sport SUV in March and April

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on February 17, 2020 at 11:23 am

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Ford Motor Co. will unveil the much-anticipated 2021 Ford
Bronco in March and a smaller crossover SUV version called the Bronco Sport in
April, according to Automotive News.

The Bronco Sport will go on sale in late 2020.

The full-size Bronco—available as both a four-door and
two-door—won’t be available until early 2021, the report said.

Ford executives said at the National Automobile Dealers Association Show that they expect at least 200,000 in unit sales in 2021.

Ford revamped its accessories business following the launch of the 2019 Ford Ranger pickup, and as with that revamp, “Ford is planning an aggressive rollout of hundreds of Bronco accessories,” to coincide with the new Bronco launch, the Automotive News story said.

The Bronco, which Ford is positioning to compete with the Jeep Wrangler, is designed to be customizable. Like the Wrangler, it features a removable hard top and removable doors that can be stored in the vehicle’s cargo area.

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